K20 Winter Institute follow-up

K20mcleodfryerIs it possible to spend an entire day with Wes Fryer and not have fun? Nope!

I updated the materials from my keynote at the K20 Center’s Winter Institute, including adding a podcast of my talk (listen while you view the slides!), some links from my follow-up session, and some Flickr photos.

Here are Wes’ materials from the institute:

The K20 Center rocks. If you’re not familiar with its work, you’re missing out. Oklahoma is very lucky to have this center!

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the posts from the K20 conference. I wish I could have been there.

    I followed your links to Wes Fryer’s notes on his talk on International education partnerships and commented there.

    I’m hoping that either you and Wes could both help me out with an international collaboration project I have in mind that is quite suitable for Iowa educators to join.

    This is what I wrote to Wes:


    I’m wondering about the “2 main things we need to do: …

    .. collaborative coursework … studying contaminated groundwater (or other issues) … interact others in Bangkok (or other places around the world) … design to solve that problem

    Do you know of any teachers successfully doing this sort of thing? I’d like to have someone mentor me as I try to create a international collaboration around an appropriate-scale technological challenge to produce biomass-based locally grown liquid fuels to offset fossil fuel consumption, increase local prosperity and reduce global dependence on foreign oil.


    I’m interested in connecting to Iowa educators as part of this project, as I am aware that Iowa is the national leader in biofuels education.

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