A Cyclone in Sooner territory

chairsI’m excited to be in Norman, Oklahoma for the University of Oklahoma K20 Center’s annual Winter Institute. I really like the folks at the K20 Center and am looking forward to spending more time with them today and tomorrow. I’ll also get to see Wes Fryer and Jan Borelli, among others (I think Jan’s excited to see me too!). Everyone here is wonderfully welcoming. They even brought in the snow and ice from Iowa so that I’d feel more at home!

I wandered around the hotel last night, getting my bearings and snapping pictures. As you can see, I’ve got a large roomful of people to keep engaged so the pressure’s on!

I’ve posted the materials for my keynote. I think both Wes and the K20 Center are going to record me as well. If so, I’ll update this post with links to the recording(s).

Update: here's the audio podcast of my keynote.

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  1. I was fascinated with the Florida Virtual School information and as a former, now retired, Chem teacher who always wanted to figure out a way to teach this online, I went to all the web pages I could find. Oops — no course description yet available; state standards do not mention any lab-based skills; etc. It would seem that we’re still not into Web 2.0-type course delivery in this particular area. I hope that I’ve just not found this type of instruction yet and that some ore knowledgeable will set me straight with a following comment.

  2. @ Scott
    I’m sure the keynote will go well. Will the event be on ustream?

  3. Looks like quite an event, Scott. If you’re ever in the Pacific Northwest, I’m there.

  4. Scott, the keynote was excellent, and well-targeted to the Oklahoma audience. Everyone I talked to agreed that it was one of the better EdTech presentations we’ve ever seen. You made new fans in the Sooner State!

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