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All of my materials on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International copyright license. That means not only that you are welcome to share and/or remix the content but that you are encouraged to do so! All I ask is that you properly credit me for my content and that you not place any greater copyright restrictions than I have on the content that utilizes my material. If possible, including the URL from Dangerously Irrelevant in your content would be most appreciated.

When appropriate, please also credit the various external sources and authors that are referenced here. Note that when you leave a comment here, you are agreeing that your comment also falls under the terms of this Creative Commons license.

Using, recording, and sharing materials from my presentations, workshops, and other web sites

Similarly, you have both blanket permission and encouragement to record my presentations and share the materials from my workshops, presentations, and/or other web sites. If you post any recordings of me, I request that you do so publicly and under the same copyright license noted above, and that I receive the link so that I may share with others.


  1. kevin maines

    Scott, we meet and spoke at the Mass Superintendent Conference. I am following you on twitter also. I am at @PrincipalMaines for education and @Kevinmaines4 for politics.

    I am preparing my opening day presentation and wanted to let you know that I would like to use information from a few of your slides in this presentation. If you are okay with this, please know that I will absolutely credit you when doing so.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Maines


    Thank you, I’ll be using the PTLA in my dissertation.



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