Guest blogging

I always am interested in thoughtful guest bloggers who will further the goals of this blog, which are to help school leaders (and the programs that prepare them) with the difficult task of transitioning their organizations into a technology-suffused, globally-interconnected future. If this is what you had in mind, please contact me with your ideas for a single post (or a series of up to 5).

If your idea is not related to the goals of this blog and/or if you’re just trying to sell stuff or drive traffic to your unrelated web site – yes, I’m talking about those of you with online college degree web sites, even if you’re writing on some other topic, and those of you pitching me infographics – I’m not interested (see my policy on solicitations). Thank you.

Things to remember if you’re a guest blogger (see past guest posts for examples)

  • Please do NOT cut-and-paste from Microsoft Word. This wreaks havoc on the blog formatting. Please compose directly in WordPress.
  • Your post will get more attention if it has a catchy title.
  • Please put this at the end of your post title:  [guest post]
  • Please select the Guest Bloggers category (and any other relevant categories) over on the right side of the editing window.
  • Please include a blurb (in italics) at the bottom of your post that tells you who you are and links  to your blog / Twitter profile / web site.
  • If you can, please include some sort of image / photo / chart / graph / video in your post. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • You can save your post as a draft while you’re working on it. You also can schedule it to be posted in the future.

Thank you! I’m really appreciative of your willingness to be a guest blogger!


  1. Ann Smarty


    I’d like to invite you to MyBlogGuest.

    It’s a forum meant to connect guest bloggers to bloggers who are interested in more authors and new perspective.

    I am sure you’ll be able to find great contributors there.

  2. Carl Anderson


    At some point (not in the very near future, maybe after ISTE) I would be interested in doing a guest blog post on teacher professional partnerships.


  3. Brian

    Hi Scott,

    In what subject areas do you find Google Apps for Education most useful? I teach high school music, and although there is a campaign by our school board to use GAFE regularly in all of our courses, I find in Music that I am more often than not using Google classroom just to use it. As an aspiring Principal, what subject areas would you suggest I focus on in the future when leading my staff?


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