4 Shifts Protocol

Welcome to the resource page for the 4 Shifts Protocol (formerly known as trudacot), a discussion protocol intended to help facilitate educator conversations about deeper learning, greater student agency, more authentic work, and rich technology infusion! The 4 Shifts Protocol is being used by teachers, principals, instructional coaches, and technology integrationists all over the world to make lessons, units, and instructional activities richer, more robust, and more relevant for the global innovation society in which we now live.

The 4 Shifts Protocol has been released with and help us make it better! Even better, share out using the #4shifts hashtag!

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Our new book, Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning, takes a deep dive with the protocol. In the book we provide eight concrete examples of lesson and unit (re)design so that you can see the protocol in practice across various grade levels and subject areas. The book is aimed squarely at practitioners and their day-to-day instructional (re)design needs. We also explain in the book why we think the protocol is a great complement to SAMR, TPACK, RAT, PIC-RAT, and the Arizona and Florida Technology Integration Matrices. And we include numerous tips and suggestions for using the protocol in your school(s)!


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