dornberg01Update: Our two leagues (yes, two!) are now full. Sorry…

It’s time for another season of edublogger fantasy baseball (and, yes, you have to be an edublogger)! Last year’s champion, Jim Dornberg, will be back to defend his title. I shall return as well, hoping to improve on my team’s lackluster late-season performance (maybe I need a different team name!).

Same rules and league settings as last year. A big trophy for the winner. Friendly banter, potential bragging rights, and loads of baseball fun could be yours!

If you’re interested,  with BlogBall09 in the subject line. First come, first serve!

5 Responses to “BlogBall09”

  1. Scott – I sent an email, but I would love play again this year, maybe I will do a bit better, but it was a lot of fun


  2. Harold, I’d be in for a third league if there’s enough interest.

  3. Russ, I’ve got one other person besides you, so that’s 2. We’d need 10 more…

    Send me your e-mail address and blog URL. I’ll make sure you’re notified for next year!

  4. Don’t know if I have gotten into one of the two leagues, but would be interested in the emerging third league if it happens.

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