BookreviewcontestIt’s time for a new contest! This one has nothing to do with K-12 education. Just an idea that caught my fancy that I hope will catch yours too. As usual, the winner gets everlasting fame and a CASTLE mug

140–character book reviews!

Using the Twitter limitation of 140 characters, write a book review. Can you sum up the essence of a good read in 140 characters? Of course you can!

Here are some pathetic examples. I know you can do better than these!

The World Is Flat. The world is flat.

To Kill a Mockingbird. Girl meets recluse. Lawyer dad fails to defend innocent Black man. Recluse saves girl from real villain. Girl learns important life lessons.


  • An entry consists of the book title and the 140–character review. The title of the book and any accompanying explanatory text does not count against your total, but the 140 characters should be able to stand alone as a summation of (or commentary on) the book. This limit will be strictly enforced.
  • Any book you want – fiction, nonfiction, textbook, graphic novel, whatever. No limits other than it has to be a book (although you might want to review a book that others have heard of). Could you do this for movies, music, blogs, restaurants, etc.? Absolutely. But not for this contest.
  • Submit your entry as a comment to this blog post, please. Otherwise, as I’m discovering with the Leadership Day 2008 entries, I might not find it.
  • Multiple entries are welcome.
  • Extra points for creativity, humor, cleverness, etc.
  • Feel free to use the image above to spread the word about the contest (click on it for a larger version).
  • You’ve got 10 days. Entry deadline is July 26, 2008.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Update: Given the number of entries it looks like we’re going to have, I’ll pick my top 5 to 7 favorites at the end and we’ll have a group vote to determine the winner. So come back July 27 to start voting!

Update: See the winning entry!