I haven’t been to NECC in years so I was really jazzed to be able to come this year to San Antonio. I came in with no agenda; my plan was to simply soak it all in at Edubloggercon. I think I did a good job of that.

On Saturday I met a TON of people – old blogging friends, famous blogging friends, new blogging friends – the whole works. It was great to finally meet some people with whom I’ve interacted regularly. It was equally as fun interacting with new folks that I’d never met before. I now have a bunch of new blogging buddies. I appreciated everyone who went out of their way to come say hello. Folks have been very kind and gracious here.

Many people were Tweeting, blogging, etc. yesterday. I didn’t even touch my laptop until the end of the day. Too many conversations!

My favorite moments of Edubloggercon

Some interesting posts about Saturday

I don’t share many of the concerns that others expressed. Although Pearson’s filming was a bit intrusive at times, it didn’t bother me so much, even when I was facilitating. Mostly I just had a great time. I think Vinnie’s got it right – growing pains that we’ll have to work through for next year (when Edubloggercon’s even bigger!)…

Some Edubloggercon pictures from my NECC Flickr set

Laura, Will, and Sheryl
Jim and Tim
Ewan, Jeff, and Chris
Dean and others
Steve and Tim