What we choose not to do matters

Seth Godin said:

most of the stuff that goes wrong, much of the organizational breakdown, the unfixed problems and the help not given, ends up happening because the system lets it happen. It happens because a boss isn’t focusing, or priorities are confused, or people in a meeting somewhere couldn’t find the guts to challenge the status quo.

What we choose not to do matters.

via http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2016/05/the-other-kind-of-evi.html

2 Responses to “What we choose not to do matters”

  1. Agreed! So much that happens in an organization happens out of inertia. It’s much easier to go along with something we’ve all agreed upon, even if it’s not good for the whole.

    The key is balancing productivity with reflection and disruption.

  2. “What we choose no to do matters.” The title of this blog caught my eye and I it will probably follow me through my educational career.

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