Although my Professor position keeps me pretty busy, I also really enjoy working with schools and educators. I have been fortunate to work with several hundred organizations on technology leadership and school transformation issues. I love to roll up my sleeves and work with administrators, teachers, board members, parents, and others on complex, real-world problems in school organizations.

Presentation Examples

If you want to know what I’m like as a presenter, here are a few examples:

Presentation Needs

Typically I need the following as a presenter:

  • laptop projector,
  • laptop speakers or a room sound system loud enough for the size of the room (so participants can hear audio and video files),
  • projector screen,
  • power strip with one free outlet,
  • Internet access for myself,
  • wireless microphone (preferably a lapel mic) if the room is large, and
  • a small table (separate from the podium or projector cart) on which I can put things.

You also might want to consider having a microphone or two for participants during question-and-answer time. Depending on the workshop, we may need computers, Internet access, and power strips for your participants.

I will bring my own laptop, mouse, PowerPoint remote control, and other presentation resources. Optimal seating arrangement for participants is at small tables of 4 to 8 people each. In an ideal setting, they’d each have a laptop (or maybe a laptop for every 3-4 people) and the facility would have robust enough Internet bandwidth to handle that number of people. Please let me know how many participants there will be, how participants will be seated, whether some or all of the participants will have laptops, what the room setup looks like, bandwidth capacity of the facility, etc.

Recording My Presentations

You have both blanket permission and encouragement to record my presentations and share my materials. If you post any recordings of me online, I request that you do so publicly – not just for your membership – and that I receive the link so that I may share with others. I make all of my resources available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International copyright license.

Webinars and Other Presentations

Sometimes I’m unavailable to come present on your home turf. If this is the case, I often am available to do a live, 30- to 90-minute webinar to your group. I’m also open to other creative digital presentation possibilities! You will need a computer with Internet access, a computer projector, and computer speakers sufficiently loud enough to reach the back row of your audience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I stand behind my work. Folks typically are extremely pleased with my visits, but if you ever have any concerns, let me know and we’ll work it out to your satisfaction. I promise. Also, let me know if you ever want to talk with other organizations with which I’ve worked.


I run my consulting work through my private company for tax purposes. Please use the following information for checks, contracts, etc.

Dr. Scott McLeod, President
STL Associates, Inc.
2531 Columbine Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026-9143
(707) 722-7853
Federal EIN: 20-1625863
Download my signed W-9 form

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