My TEDxDesMoines video: From Fear to Empowerment

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Here’s my TEDxDesMoines video (8:19) from yesterday. Happy viewing!

A big thanks to everyone at TEDxDesMoines for a fantastic event, particularly the video editors who somehow turned our videos around in less than 24 hours. Amazing!

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  1. Karen Seashore:

    Now, let’s see if we can get Scott’s energy into higher education, where students’ creativity could, in many more courses, be turned to a different kind of learning than we encountered.

  2. Pamela S. Bleam:

    Great TED TALK from our own AEA 8’s Scott McCloud. Great message for school districts to move from fear to embracing technology as a means for students to be creative problem solvers and for their future career plans and higher learning. My own almost grown children have gained great career opportunities from their technology know how. It was at Manson Northwest Webster that they gained this advantage in learning in the world of the internet. We would be fools not to think this would and could not give our students the edge they need for the world of work.

  3. Betsy LeBlond:

    To make the extra-curricular the curricular. That’s the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. We need to be facilitating, coordinating, and helping students connect with the tech tools available rather than running in fear, curbing access to the internet and controlling content viewed.

  4. Em:

    Dear Dr. McLeod,

    Thank you for telling me about Martha, Lauren, Sam, Josh, Emma, Silvia, and others. I’m shocked by some kids can’t even have technology. Why do they take away technology instead of teaching not to be cyber bullies? I like to create things on my blog. I made a video to share what to do if bullying happens. Shouldn’t they have kids create things with technology to tell others? Won’t they learn it better and share with more people and then they share with more people and then they share and then it’s shared with the whole world? If that happened, would there be less cyber bullies?


    PS I’m 7 years old and I live in Arizona.

  5. Brad @dreambition:


    Congrats on telling this important story! I started to comment earlier in the week but it ended up turning into a blog post..

    Thanks for getting this discussion started!

  6. Scott McLeod:

    Thank you, Brad. That’s a great post and I encourage everyone to go read it. I agree that we should be celebrating student agency and voice at every scale and scope!

  7. Roxanne Glaser:

    Scott, great collection of using technology to showcase passion and to make and do stuff. I helped my granddaughter by posting her video online (She is 9.) that she made to show others how to create a new style of Rainbow Loom bracelet. It is amazing how much our children can do with passion and tools. Keep up the good work of spreading this message. Schools need to have students making and sharing more. Kudos on a great TED talk. Roxanne

  8. Doug Johnson:

    Fantastic talk, Scott. Wonder if anyone in LA schools will watch?


  9. Scott McLeod:

    Thanks, Doug, for the kind words and for being there for my other TEDx talk!

  10. Anthony Jones:

    Great, Scott!
    “To make the extra-curricular the curricular”
    Your talk was shared with me by one of my 8th grade students! You know him :)

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