Here is the final leaderboard for the ISTE conference keynote crowdsourcing project. Category winners are Chris Lehmann, Alan November, David Pogue, David Rose, and Karl Fisch.


If votes from all categories were totaled, this would be the leaderboard:


The top five – Chris Lehmann, Jeff Piontek, Gary Stager, Barack Obama, and Daniel Pink – received all or the majority of their votes in the leadership category.

Someone with more time than me will have to go in and see how many of these votes were from the same person but in different categories. For now, I’ll just say that Chris Lehmann, Gary Stager, Michael Wesch, Sir Ken Robinson, and Will Richardson had more support than appears from the single category totals.

Thanks to everyone who voted (and who put up with all of my updates on this ISTE project). There are lots of good names on these lists and I’m sure any of these folks would be a bang-up keynote speaker. Now it’s in ISTE’s hands. We’ll see what happens next!