Marge Beatty, Nebraska ESU 16, talks about 1:1 laptop programs

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While at Nebraska’s first-ever Educational Administrators Technology Conference, I learned that 8 of the 16 districts in Educational Service Unit 16 have 1:1 laptop programs. Marge Beatty, chief administrator for the ESU, was willing to let me ask her a few questions. Happy viewing!

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  1. How exciting it would be to engage in a 1:1 computing initiative like they have in Nebraska! It makes me feel like we live in the dark ages here when our student handbook states that students are not allowed to bring laptops to school.

  2. Scott-Great questions for Marge. Hearing her response about how this program is motivating independent learning and creating self identification of interests really shows the positives. It’s also nice to hear the strides they are taking to accommodate the whole community (technology night and working with the local libraries).
    I’m extremely impressed with this districts push to have each student participate in an online course before graduation. Talk about really thinking ahead to prepare their students for the future. Even if a student isn’t going on to college, they will know they have the ability to succeed in online learning.

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