NECC – Effective leadership in an era of disruptive innovation

For those of you who have asked, my Monday, June 29, afternoon presentation at NECC, Effective leadership in an era of disruptive innovation, is now available at ISTEVision

FYI, you also might be interested in my K12 Online presentation on this topic. Happy viewing!

3 Responses to “NECC – Effective leadership in an era of disruptive innovation”

  1. I’d go so far as to say that other things are far better than “good enough” but that K-12 (education in general) has too much exclusive power in the mainstream to allow those disruptive innovations access.

    How long educators can keep that up is largely determined not on the detractor’s enthusiasm, but on the dependents’ willingness to be weaned from the system.

    Americans addicted to two incomes can’t home school, for example.

  2. I work part-time (if you consider .82 FTE part-time) for an online school in Minnesota. Many of our families choose this option for their children (at least for their older children) because it provides them with the ability to psuo-home school their children while still bringing in two incomes. We provide a service that empowers parents who are “addicted to two incomes” to educate their children at home if they so desire. Therefore, innovation also helps to break down barriers to the “dependents’ willingness to be weaned from the system.”

  3. Now wait, walking out of anything live for other than the ladies room (guilty) or dire illness is just plain rude!! I do not see a need to encourage rudeness.

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