One Response to “Interview: Mike Vitelli, The Gaming Krib”

  1. Thanks Scott and Mike for the interview it certainly clarified a more progressive product than your site originally inferred.

    The ‘earning thing’ still intrigues me. As Scott noted it would be great to create a learning environment that engaged rather then doing the ‘work’ to earn to do the fun – but it is clear from your discussion that you are working towards this as well.

    But lets accept that we are in transition and that there is still a distasteful ‘content regurgitation’ component to learning. Sorry basketball analogy was lost on me – I’ve got plenty of Rugby analogies – but I think I got it.

    However the journey from ‘pocket money for chores’ to self-moderating productive individual cannot be completed with out positive modelling from a respected mentor. Basically the rewards have to stop and a higher cognitive process has to take over.

    My concern is that without raising the ‘capacities’ of parents your product will only go some of the distance and that by emphasising the ‘blocking’ feature (I appreciate you are playing that down, but it is still there) you may attract less capable parents looking for a ‘nanny’ application. I see from the site that you are already engaging with parents – what is the shape of that engagement?

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