Three data-savvy principals

Today I uploaded the second CASTLE Conversations podcast for our data-driven decision-making podcast series. After feeding them a yummy lunch, I had a great discussion with Joan MacDonald, Linda Perdaems, and Colleen Wambach, three data-savvy principals here in Minnesota. If you enjoyed our previous conversation with Dr. Jan Witthuhn, you’ll like this one too!

The intent of CASTLE Conversations is to interview folks that have expertise and are
doing interesting things but may not have much national visibility. Keep giving us feedback and let us know what
you think. As always, we’re interested in your nominations for interviewees.

Happy listening!

2 Responses to “Three data-savvy principals”

  1. Dear Scott
    A couple of comments..First you are a new voice for me and I appreciate the fact that you reached out and helped me find you!

    I think your point here is very important…we need BHAGS..individually and at all levels of our organizations.I am going to post about this on my blog this weekend. As I was preparing a presentation we are making at CUE I realized that it was the ability to convert the vision to a BHAG that let us move forward. Our BHAG may not have been as big as you have in mind but it huge for us…

  2. Whoops just realized I posted my previous comment to the wrong entry….anyway I look forward to following your blog.

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