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Hear ye! Hear ye!

All education bloggers are hereby invited and encouraged to…

  1. complete the short and completely unscientific, but hopefully interesting, education blogosphere survey;
  2. forward the URL of said survey to all other known education bloggers to ensure decent representation of the education blogosphere; and
  3. publicize said survey URL on their own blogs to foster greater participation in this most noble endeavor.

Survey results received by Sunday, January 14, shall be posted in the town square on Wednesday, January 17.

Those solicited who choose not to participate shalt be labeled both publicly and widely as dastardly scoundrels, notty-pated hedgepigs, or beslubbering, doghearted, maggot-ridden canker-blossoms!

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11 Responses to “Education blogosphere survey”

  1. I’m looking for any help from districts that have “solved” the blocking issue. Currently my dstrict is blocking video, simulations, and a few other things. Any ideas or resources would be helpful so we don’t really fall behind….

  2. I was just curious about the motivation behind the survey. I am very interested in the results that you discover. But what are you looking for?

  3. Hi Kevin,

    I’m not looking for anything, really. It just seemed to me that some folks have been blogging lately about ‘A-list’ bloggers, motivations for edublogging, etc., so I thought I’d throw out some questions that were floating around in my head (plus a couple I thought might be fun).

    Thoughts or concerns?

    P.S. I really like this idea from your blog:

  4. Scott,
    I really like this survey, and I have completed one myself. I also have written a post about the survey I my blog. I will do my best to get this out to those I know in the “blogosphere.”
    – Dave

  5. Great idea to do the survey. As I mentioned, I would really like a list of other academic blogs (at the college level). Many blogs seem to be academics who blog about their personal lives which is fine but not useful to me in my career.

  6. Kirk, I know that there are a number of law professors blogging about legal issues, educational technology professors blogging about technology integration issues, etc. What are you looking for? If professorial blogs on school administration and/or policy issues, I’m afraid it might be just me and Sherman Dorn:

  7. I joined in. I think this is a neat idea and I love it when people look at things. Sometimes these informal surveys come up with interesting trends that are worth noting. I participated and encouraged my readers to join in.

  8. Thanks for your support, Vicki! Hopefully I’ll come up with something “worth noting!”

  9. Scott,
    I’ve looked at the law blogs (I teach employment law too) and some of the technology ones (I’m interesting in blogging in the classroom). I guess I would like a list of others who write on classroom management and other teaching issues at the college level. BTW, I’m a visiting prof this year at U. of South Florida-St Petersburg with Sherman Dorn.

  10. Durn, I found out about the survey too late…..

  11. Education

    Non-classroom settings rely heavily on computer instruction in which Students that are enrolled in this type of charter school spend part of their day in the classroom and the other part r

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