Books I finished reading (or rereading) in April 2024…

  1. The A.I. Roadmap, John Spencer (education)
  2. The AI Infused Classroom, Holly Clark (education)
  3. The AI Classroom, Dan Fitzpatrick, Amanda Fox, & Brad Weinstein (education)
  4. The Generative Age, Alanna Winnick (education)
  5. AI for Educators, Matt Miller (education)
  6. Learning Evolution, Carl Hooker (education)
  7. Active Learning with AI, Stephen Kosslyn (education)
  8. Education for the Age of AICharles Fadel et al. (education)
  9. Last Argument of Kings, Joe Abercrombie (fantasy)
  10. Wool, Hugh Howey (science fiction)
  11. Shift, Hugh Howey (science fiction)
  12. Dust, Hugh Howey (science fiction)
  13. Generation Ship, Michael Mammay (science fiction)
  14. The Jackal of Nar, John Marco (fantasy)
  15. Under Siege, J. N. Chaney & Terry Mixon (science fiction)
  16. Implacable Resolve, J. N. Chaney & Terry Mixon (science fiction) 

Hope you’re reading something fun too!