Books I finished reading (or rereading) in January 2024…

  1. Ultimate Travel, Lonely Planet (travel)
  2. The Helsinki Affair, Anna Pitoniak (thriller)
  3. Heat Lightning, John Sandford (thriller)
  4. Embers of War, Gareth Powell (science fiction)
  5. Fleet of Knives, Gareth Powell (science fiction)
  6. The Toll, Neal Shusterman (science fiction)
  7. Gleanings, Neal Shusterman (science fiction)
  8. Crucible of Fortune, Andy Peloquin (fantasy)
  9. Storm of Chaos, Andy Peloquin (fantasy)
  10. Secrets of Blood, Andy Peloquin (fantasy)
  11. Ascension of Death, Andy Peloquin (fantasy)
  12. Eleventh Cycle, Kian Ardalan (fantasy)

Hope you’re reading something fun too!