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CrimsonMegaphone01This week I’d like to award the crimson megaphone to Candace Shively, who blogs over at Think Like a Teacher. I’m a big fan of Candace’s writing style and wish that I had the skill that she exhibits with her prose. Here are a couple of examples…

From Blowing and Drifting:

… without the liberal arts, without people seeing analogies and wondering aloud, the scientists would be stuck in crusty snow mounds that age and melt from the underside into cinder-filled storm sewers long after the rest of the winter has thawed.

I hope we can allow education to appreciate some blowing and drifting, veering entirely neither to white-out nor plow-hedges. We need everyone’s ideas — stirred by a little blowing and drifting.

From The Winds of 2008:

My hope is that the winds of upheaval which produce so much dissonance will also escort in a refreshing front of rethinking, a permission to look anew at everything, including the way we operate the processes we call Teaching and Learning. As someone who has been fortunate enough to have had almost entirely positive experiences with Teaching and Learning in my life, I want so much for others to feel the same winds. Even more, I wish them wind chimes of their own: an awareness that the winds ARE ushering in change. And change is not bad; you just need to put on the appropriate outerwear.

Happy New Year.

Think Like a Teacher is definitely a blog that deserves a bigger audience (DABA). Here are a few other highlights from Candace:

Happy reading!

2 Responses to “DABA: Candace Shively”

  1. Thanks, Scott. You made my day…week…month. I love to write even for a small audience, but having someone find what I have written is even better. I have always reassured myself by remembering that even an amazing talent like Vincent Van Gogh was little known while alive. If I can make a person or two stop and think (and maybe argue), I am happy.

  2. I love the way Candace writes. it is definitely an art that she excels at. As a science teacher, I need to work on more colorful writing vs. the scientific style of writing I am sure I use. Thanks for highlighting her blog. It is a delight I enjoy.

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