My RFP for
guest bloggers
has gotten some responses. I’m excited!

First out of the chute is Greg Cruey. I asked Greg for a short blurb about
himself. Here’s what he sent me:

Greg Cruey is a career changer; he became a classroom teacher a few years
ago, at the age of 43. Two graduate degrees and a decade of overseas travel
earlier in life have left him with, among other things, an abiding interest in
education policy and a love for learning and for children. Today he teaches in a
small, rural elementary school in an impoverished portion of
Appalachia. Greg blogs regularly at his personal blog.

Wow! I can’t wait to read his thoughts on school leadership!

Greg will be blogging next week and I am lining up some other guests on the
calendar. If you’re interested in being a
guest blogger
, let me know!