Before I go on, I need to clarify something: I am addressing the use of social technology, not technology in general. (Although an aversion to technology in general is related to my graphing calculator point.) My example of a tech cynic is not a technophobe by any means. I am referring to what is supposedly the "new wave" of blogs, Twitter, wikis, and so forth. Additionally while it could be argued math teachers in the United States don’t use enough of it, I am not discussing project-based curriculum. That’s been around for a long time and while it can be augmented by new technology, being a technophobe (by any definition) doesn’t mean shunning it either. So while a comment like (courtesy Glenn)

If the something that you’re asking them to do is take a test. Well. Never mind. Sorry, didn’t mean to waste your time.

might apply to some teachers, I am presuming a faculty past that point but yet fussy about all the new gadgets being thrown at them. I am trying to explain why they’re fussy, and that it’s not just because their teaching isn’t Modern enough in an overall sense.

Jason Dyer, Guest Blogger