Guest blog series – What do teachers need from administrators?

GuestbloggerI’m excited about my new guest blog series. I asked seven education bloggers to respond to this question: What do teachers need from administrators? Next week we’ll see what they have to say…

I know these will spark some great conversations. Happy reading (in advance)!

5 Responses to “Guest blog series – What do teachers need from administrators?”

  1. I am excited to hear what these great teachers need from their administrators! I asked How Do Principals Need To Change a few weeks back on the Connected Principals Blog and got some great responses. Here is the link

  2. What a great idea… I am looking forward to reading their feedback!

  3. Thanks for the invitation to write, Scott.

    Not only do I appreciate the recognition as an individual, I appreciate the respect inherent in your decision to turn your blog—and the attention of your audience—over to teachers for a week!

    Looking forward to the opportunity to share and to have my thinking challenged by your readers.

    Rock on,

  4. I haven’t been posting much lately, but this topic inspired me to add my own opinion.

  5. I enjoyed this post and agreed whole heartedly with most if not all of what Mr. Scott said! I am a teacher in the making and I have not spent the last 4 years of my life for some one else to speak for me. I like how he took the initiative to admit that of course we need administration but also made a point that they need us as much as we need them if not more! I have always had the same view as Mr. Scott when he said that the administration is trying to tell someone more qualified than them how to run a classroom! They are the ones that need to catch up in the experience aspect and then maybe can actually give instruction on how to go about being effective. There must be consistency in the classroom but techniques and curriculums are always being changed making students to always feel at a loss. Administratives tend to take away the voice of the teachers and expect them to execute every new thing that they have been introduced. As the author of this post mentioned, every new idea isn’t good. The last thing that I want to mention is that teachers should be alloted more time to prepare for school years since they are the ones who will actually be teaching the students. I believe if that is allowed, then maybe education will be more efective and the just maybe, teachers will have the opportunity at being the best teacher ever seen. Great post Mr. Scott!

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