What if you could find every school, district, or university Twitter feed in one place?

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Continuing the theme of my last post, how great would it be if every school, district, or university Twitter feed was in one place? The aggregated posts would give us a sense of what each level of schooling thought was worth publicizing. I’m guessing that we’d also discover lots of interesting information that is typicallly hidden from the view of most of us…

Schools Twibe:


Districts Twibe:


Universities Twibe:


  1. Russ Goerend:

    I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a start:

    Lee Kolbert’s Google Spreadsheet of schools on Twitter:

  2. Ryan Collins:

    Is it wise to get involved with a commercial entity that half of your student population can’t even legally use (Grades 7 and younger)?

    I’m looking at http://laconi.ca/ to implement in my district so we can use it at all grade levels.

  3. Scott:

    Ryan, I was thinking about the school’s or district’s “official” Twitter account, not Twitter accounts of students or staff…