Convergent v. divergent thinking in K-12 schools



Feel free to use these images per this blog’s copyright notice (and, hey, maybe let me know how you use them!). Here are the PowerPoint slides if you’d rather use them instead:

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  1. This is a phenomenal graphic. I posted it on my own blog and shared these thoughts that I want to share here:

    “we must remember that all “single answer” problems are not abolished. We still have discrete solutions to calculus problems and engineering methodologies, however, with any problems dealing with PEOPLE, creativity does come to play as well as an understanding of people.

    While this analogy cannot be stretched too far, it is nonetheless a GREAT picture to talk about the changes in the types of thinkers we must produce in this post-industrial society.”

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Vicki. We need graduates who can take those convergent solutions and apply them in new and novel directions to creatively solve all of the problems we’re leaving our children and grandchildren (federal deficit, global warming, etc.)!

  3. I’ll use those images to explain to 7th graders it is not how much you write but how well – THANK YOU!!

  4. hi
    it looks helpful but I cannot access the slides


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