I don’t often blog about specific technology tools, but I just ran across a service called Kwout (pronounced ‘quote’). It lets you quickly take a screen shot and then post it to a web site, Flickr, or Tumblr.

The cool part of this is the image mapping. For example, in the screen shot below from this blog, you can see that what looks like an ordinary graphic actually contains hyperlinks. Very nifty!

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  1. Cool – I’ll check it out.

    I wonder if you’ve seen Jing? ( I tried searching your blog, but either a) the search feature isn’t working, or b) you don’t have any posts about Jing.

    Jing “records” images or videos (with voiceovers) of your screen (or portions of it).

    The easiest way to explain it is to show you an example, here’s a short Jing I recorded this morning:

    There are several examples on my blog of students using Jing to post help messages on discussion boards or record their work for grading.

    This link should take you to all the Jing entries on my blog ( including student examples.

  2. I’ll take over Jing any day, but back to Kwout: I tried it yesterday after reading about it on Ryan Bretag’s Four-Eyed Technologist, and it wouldn’t work. Just installed Leopard, wonder if that’s why?

  3. Thanks for the tip on screencast-o-matic, I haven’t seen that one before – I’ll check it out!

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