Common Craft and dotSUB

If you haven't seen these three films from Common Craft, I think they are great introductions for educators, parents, and others who are not familiar with these interactive Web 2.0 technologies:

You'll notice that the links are to the dotSUB versions of the videos (thanks, Wesley!). dotSUB is a fantastic new service that uses volunteers to create video subtitles in different languages. I just uploaded Did You Know? 2.0 to the site. Awesome!

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  1. thanks for the kind words

    Michael L. Smolens
    Founder & CEO
    dotSUB llc – Any Film Any Language
    360 East 72nd St. #C3104
    New York, NY 10021 USA – email
    1-917-742-0158 – tel
    1-646-403-9944 – fax
    mlsmolens – Skype – website

  2. Thanks a bunch Scott. I really love the Did You Know 2.0 video, particularly the simplicity of the presentation. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for posting these links. I’ve seen the wiki video before and loved it. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of these and sharing them with staff!

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