Administrator blogs or podcasts?

I’m on a search for administrator blogs and/or podcasts, particularly those that are using such tools to communicate about school / district issues to their communities.

Anyone know of any principals, superintendents, or central office administrators who are doing this (other than the phenomenal work being done at Meriwether Lewis Elementary School (OR) by Tim Lauer and his staff)?

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  1. Scott,

    I’ve been collecting a few sites:

    Also I’m not sure if you’re aware of Clayton Wilcox of Pinella county in Tampa. He is the superintendent and I wrote about his efforts here.

    I’m really trying to encourage our principals and adminstrators to blog. The Edustange blog is a prinicipal in our division so that’s encouraging.

    Hopefully I’ll discover a few more through the comments posted here.

  2. Check out A weekly podcast from the administration of Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China. Created by the Principal and a gang of other school faculty. The podcast is created for students, parents, and the wider school community. Students listen to the podcast every Friday in class. At the middle school level, the counselor reads a situation and students respond with their answers on the podcast blog site. Let me know what you think.

  3. Tim Tyson is doing some great work in Georgia.


  4. Hi there,

    i am thinking through th edevelopment of ablog to complement our main web site, I amthinking of focusing the discussion on the topics that relate to our many research briefs (requested by our member HS principals). What do you think?

    Jim Forde 🙂

  5. I am a high school principal and I attended a conference with three of my teachers this past summer. At the conference I learned of blogging from Will Richardson. I must confess I’m hooked and you can check out my new blog at

  6. You can add me to your list. I am a K-6 Principal and Director of Technology Planning in Puyallup School District in Washington.

    I started AlmostMonday.BlogSpot.Com as my staff bulletin this fall.

    My original blog is PepTechTalk.BlogSpot.Com.

    I recruited the following principals in my district to start blogs:

    Arturo Gonzalez –

    Scott Britian – RamReview.BlogSpot.Com

    Marc Brouillet – ZeigerExplorers.BlogSpot.Com

  7. I know this post is from a while ago but you can add my principal blog and our district blog to your list if you would like.
    I am new to this but have learned a lot. Busy time of year so not much time to post. I am working on a podcast.

  8. My impression is that most superintendents and principals tend to use robo-dial phone systems to contact parents and the public. The downside is that with so many phone calls going out from schools, sometimes the parents tune out, because they cannot control the time and place of the phone call.

    I wonder why they never consider doing what I do, which is to create the podcast, post it on the web, and do the automated phone call. That way, if folks miss it, they can pick it up online at their convenience. If you want to get principals podcasting, ask them if they use an automated phone system to stay in touch, if they do, they could be ripe to switch over or add podcasting.

  9. I’ve been blogging at:

    Mostly I write on staff development issues. Getting my staff to comment has been “challenging”.

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