I am pleased to announce the launch of my second new podcast, Redesigning for Deeper Learning (R4DL), co-hosted with Lori McEwen and Julie Graber.

Redesigning for Deeper Learning is a podcast in which we redesign lessons and units for deeper learning LIVE. Our goal is to model how we can start shifting our day-to-day instruction toward student agency, voice, and choice; critical thinking, problem solving, and depth of understanding; more real-world authentic work; and rich technology infusion. We believe that this might be the first podcast that actually redesigns lessons ON AIR.

Episode 001 is now available. We redesigned a high school English Language Arts lesson on annotation. Episode 002 will drop soon. We focused on an elementary school writing lesson about natural disasters. Episodes 003 and 004 are on elementary math (place value) and middle school social studies (The Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution), respectively.

After these first four episodes, we are inviting teachers, coaches, and other school leaders to bring us lessons or units and redesign them with us on the show! If you are a classroom educator, coach, or curriculum designer, please use our guest sign-up form or contact one of the hosts if you are interested in joining us. We promise to treat you kindly and look forward to brainstorming some learning shifts with you!

Episodes are available at redesigningfordeeperlearning.org and on all major podcast platforms. Thanks for listening, and please let us know what suggestions you have for improvement. We want this to be useful to folks!