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  1. no +1? great video. my colleagues will chuckle at school tomorrow :O)

  2. Uh huh! Hear those things so often. Good thing most teachers don’t go into education to become rich or famous!

    The reality: this is the first summer I have had off in the last 18 yrs of teaching, as I have mostly worked in at-risk/residential programs, and we had summer school for our residential students. As for 3 months off, Hah! More like 6 weeks if you are lucky, and most of us find some other job for the summer, anyway. Or spend our own money taking classes to keep our certification. Or both.
    Overtime?? Rides home in a company paid taxi? The boss buying us a meal? As some of my inner city kids would say, whuzzat? Well, at least at my last 2 jobs, the Principal did buy us lunch once in a while, and there was pizza at after school staff meetings. As for working after your shift ends: get used to it. I seldom took home less than 20 hrs of work in a week, and often more like 40-60 hrs, especially when grades were due, or some report was due for one of the voluntary/mandatory other duties all teachers seem to get blessed with. It was as bad, or worse when I became an administrator.
    Wouldn’t trade it for the world…..

  3. This is hysterical and so very true!

    I have found the best and most effective method to “training the public” is to let them be a class guest for a day. Most folks do not make it past lunch! Or I love the question, “What do you make a year?” I “make” emphatic, informed, caring citizens along with “making” cookies, cakes and other goodies for the endless meetings we attend. What do I make? A difference in childrens lives as is eviidenced by the e-mails, letters and postcards I receive.

    Kudos to the “actresses” in the video! Heaven knows we all need to laugh these days…Happy new school year to all!

  4. That was really really really funny. Happy Back to School!

  5. David Johnson-Igra Reply September 1, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    You, me, Dana, and Chandra are going to Vegas. Like totes.

    Great video.

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