I’ve got too much stuff

As I look around at all of the technology gear I’ve accumulated over the past few years, I can only come to one conclusion: I’ve got too much stuff. I mean, seriously, do I really need six different computers? Four printers? Four digital cameras? Seven external hard drives? Boxes worth of headphones, cables, cords, and adapters? I know why this has occurred. My professional desire to stay current has combined with my eagerness for the latest and coolest, but it’s time for me to cool it.

As I head to Iowa State, I’ve got the golden opportunity to whittle down my technology profile. Anyone got some thoughts on what an ideal technology setup would be, one that enabled maximum user power while simultaneously required as little hardware (and accessories) as possible? If you had the chance to start over with a blank slate and a desire to reduce your overall technology footprint, what would you get?

I’d love to get your input on how I can simplify my tech life. Comment here or, better yet, post your thoughts on your own blog and link back to here (TrackBack or comment).

4 Responses to “I’ve got too much stuff”

  1. Is this an iPhone commercial?? Just joking…

    Is the browser/computer/phone/camera/GPS thing the new reality? Perhaps we only need one device. Especially with most of our content on a global network (google aps, gmail, etc…).

  2. But as an instructor of educators using technology, I would say you need each platform. While you can get a loaded Intel MacBook with Parallels, Windows flavor of the month, and some form of Linux, a separate PC might be preferable because it would be working like another user would (keyboard shortcuts, lock-ups, etc). So, for me it is going to have to be one souped up PC for video and audio editing/podcasting, etc; and then a souped up MacBook for the other side of the coin. I would throw in a smart phone that syncs with both to take care of the loose ends. Then have one nice printer and scanner and you should be good to go. Right? And if you need a really nice digital camera, throw one of those in the mix. Man this list gets long quickly.

  3. I have too much other stuff and not enough technology stuff!

  4. I’ve just finished cleaning out my garage, with my husband, after filling it up with all my stuff that was in my classroom.

    When I re-read this after that, all I could picture was your spouse saying, “What is all this crud? I am NOT packing this, so you better do something about it!”

    Happy packing…

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