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Why 1:1? [webinar archive]

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a 1-hour webinar for Schoolwires on the topic of Why 1:1? The archive of the session is below. As is typical, the best part of the webinar was the discussion (starting at 27:00) as 1:1 guru Pamela Livingston and I responded to a number of questions from participants. Good stuff!


Check out Schoolwires’ entire webinar series. Past webinars have featured Jon Bergmann, Julie Evans, and Alan November. Happy viewing!

A Japanese approach to Khan Academy

Got 13 minutes? Watch this video from Michael Pershan. Plain and simple, American math teachers teach differently than Japanese (and other international) math teachers. What would Khan Academy look like if it came from Japan? Well, it would look more like the work that Dan Meyer’s doing

Michael’s video was the winner of the #MTT2K prize. Happy viewing!

Bridging our future [VIDEO]

Apparently it’s video day here at Dangerously Irrelevant! Here’s a recent video, Bridging Our Future, in which Intel envisions the future of education. Happy viewing!

Kids demand next-generation learning [VIDEO]

There’s a grand tradition of using students in videos to advocate for changes in learning, teaching, and educational technology. See, for example, A Vision of Students Today and No Future Left Behind and I Need My Teachers to Learn and You Can’t Be My Teacher. Continuing the trend, here’s a video from Pearson called A Serious Talk: Kids Demand Next-Generation Learning. Happy viewing!

Nurture your kids’ passions, even if they’re making Pokemon game walkthrough videos

I had a conversation with an Iowa parent the other day. In middle school her son started making voice-narrated Pokemon game walkthrough videos and posting them on YouTube. That’s exactly the kind of thing that most adults would look at and consider ‘a complete waste of time.’ He’s now 18 and has 70,000+ subscribers to his YouTube channel. His videos have been viewed nearly 54 million times. Some company’s now paying him enough money to make videos for it that he’s already pushing a six figure salary, which will easily pay for his upcoming college experience and then some.

All of this really speaks to nurturing kids’ passions, whatever they may be. You never know how they’ll turn out! Go Wooper!

We need to start thinking more creatively about texting (and other technologies) [VIDEO]

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Nancy Lublin’s 5-minute TED talk on texting that saves lives. It reminds me that we need to start thinking more creatively about texting, Facebook, and other technologies for which so many adults are uncertain…

Happy viewing!