Take a stand for Net Neutrality

Take a stand for Net Neutrality. Call Congress Now. battleforthenet.com

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  1. Fascinating how the pressures against democracy and consumer protection are constant, unrelenting, and must be repeatedly resisted. The battle is never completely won, only fought to a temporary standstill. Such an important issue and so little covered in the media. Good luck America…

  2. What else can we do if our senators and representatives are already pro-net-neutrality?

    • Great question, Bryan. And I’m not sure.

      If you call, maybe your senators / representatives will offer suggestions for how to handle this?

      • Scott, I just created a website tonight to try to get students involved. The goal is to get students to document load times for websites they use at school. I want them to realize they have some say in this matter and that they can hold the FCC and Congress accountable.

        To start, I’m just using a Google Form and Google Map to collect and visualize the data. Maybe someone at Google can volunteer to create a more slick visualization, especially one that would show any slowdowns imposed by ISPs over time.

        It’s imprecise, but it serves as a valuable launch point for teaching students the factors that affect website speed.

        Please pass it on if you like the idea.



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