Promoters of school choice are unwilling to ensure equal access in regular public schools

Derek Black said:

[C]harters, vouchers, and other choice-like reforms are insulting substitutes for equal access to learning opportunities. They espouse the premise that all students are entitled to equal learning opportunities and reason that since students are not getting those equal opportunities in public school, they should be allowed to go elsewhere. The irony is that the people promoting these policies are so often unwilling to do much of anything to ensure students get equal access to learning in regular public schools. Likewise, they are unwilling to place oversight on vouchers and charters to determine whether opportunities are equal there either. In other words, they are pursuing choice for choice’s sake…


2 Responses to “Promoters of school choice are unwilling to ensure equal access in regular public schools”

  1. Great encapsulation of the issue re: vouchers. Though they purport to support vouchers because families deserve choices of good schools, counting on the free market to make sure schools are delivering quality content is not reliable.

  2. Sadly this understates the true problem. Voucher are really a very effective way to bring back segregation simply from school not being required to accept (and retain) all applicants. Make sure that the vouchers are small enough not to cover the full tuition and you can segregate by income as well. Then you have conditions where those with political power have no incentive to care about the conditions in the “other people’s” schools.

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