Happy 10th birthday, Dangerously Irrelevant!

10th birthday cake

Today is the 10th birthday of Dangerously Irrelevant. I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for an entire decade. It seems like just yesterday that I was at the University of Minnesota and considering whether a blog might be a good idea (it was). Although I still feel young (‘I’m not dead yet!’), I believe that a decade of continuous blogging may make me one of the elders of the edublogosphere (for example, using the word ‘edublogosphere’ most definitely dates me!).

A huge thank you to everyone who is a loyal reader and to all of you who have been willing to engage with what I share. I have learned an incredible amount due to your willingness to leave comments, extend conversations, suggest resources, connect me with others, tell me that what I just wrote was stupid, and so on. Together we are amazingly powerful. I am greatly appreciative of my last ten years of learning with you.

Although it’s been a quiet summer here as I have navigated selling a home, buying a home, relocating my family, starting a new job, and sending my oldest child off to her first year at college, you better believe that I will be ramping up here again in the next week or so. Looking forward to the next decade of blogging!

6 Responses to “Happy 10th birthday, Dangerously Irrelevant!”

  1. They say it’s your birthday, dadadadaDA! When I read a Dangerously Irrelevant post, it’s like I am opening a present….so, you make it my birthday all year long:-) Looking forward to many more thought-provoking and inspirational presents to come!

  2. Congratulations on ten years. That’s quite a commitment. And one of the better education blogs around, not just the oldest.

  3. Happy blogiversary!! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas with us!

  4. Congratulations on an awesome milestone!

  5. Thanks for your awesome post!

  6. Happy birthday, DI. Thanks for always pushing.

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