The exam sham


Mike Crowley said:

Teachers are being judged and schools rated based on test and exam results. How many kids are getting into Yale and Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge, we are perpetually asked. I have yet to be asked, how many of your students go to the college that is right for them? … how many are pursuing their passions? … how many are leading happy, fulfilling lives and believe that the curriculum was relevant to their daily, real-world challenges? No, we rarely ask the right questions.


Image credit: Harvard, Anne Helmond

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  1. Nice to bring up the standardized test issue (I don’t think that it is possible to band that drum often enough), but the article brings up the greater issue of what is our educational system doing for the students? Never mind that the standardized tests are poor measures of “College and career readiness”, is that even what we should be trying to measure?

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