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  1. That was impressively succinct. I’ve posted a link on my Assessment blog.

  2. Nicely focused 3 minutes. My question is – How do you keep track of and report on the non-routine learning? Isn’t this where a teacher/student controlled LMS becomes useful?

  3. I agree with you in terms of the direction we need to go in. However, we also need to remember that there are many “traditional” methods of teaching that can (and do) engage students and help them learn to collaborate and become learning leaders. Often, teachers in the many districts that simply can’t afford the technology feel like they are being put down because they must use the “old” methods. I realize you are speaking toward technology specifically, but let’s be careful how we couch comments about the “old” methods. We also must be careful to realize that even in classrooms filled with up to date technology and the best of teachers, there are always some students who simply choose not to engage. Sometimes it is due to home situations and other times (yes I know I am not being PC here) they are simply lazy. Encourage technology that transforms, but don’t discourage teachers who are doing the best they can with the resources they have.

  4. Well, that’s kinda inspiring… I’m working on software and schools that buy into this, and live it, would be so much easier, frankly, to market to, but realistically we’ll have to settle for helping facilitate change to student-driven learning. Who’s a good example of this, though? Who’s doing this well?

  5. Hi Michael,

    Here’s my running list of model schools / networks:

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