The backwards bicycle [VIDEO]

What a backwards bicycle can teach us about learning… Fascinating.

Hat tip: Will Richardson

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  1. This is such a great example of how learning is not understanding. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. What interests me is that moment when suddenly, after a long period of frustrating failed attempts, something just ‘clicks’ and voila! he can do it.

    This is how learning works. This is why the only sure way to fail is to stop trying, and why students must be told again and again to keep trying, despite the frustration, because only through patient, determined, sustained effort can they reach that magical moment when everything just ‘clicks’.

    • He’s motivated to keep trying because it’s something he wants to figure out. Students, however, often are less motivated because we’ve failed to help them see relevance and meaning in what they’re asked to do.

      • Yes, absolutely! People are born inspired to learn. Teachers must do everything they can, within an institution that often kills inspiration, to help students find it again—a task that requires the same persistence Destin needed to learn to ride that bike. We will almost always fail, but once we cannot keep trying, it’s time to find some other work to do.

  3. Hi Steve Hargadon
    Sounds a good video going by comments of other educators. However video Link unable to play on my android in Kenya but will keep trying.

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