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[This is open to everyone, not just schools in our region!]

Every day AWESOME things happen in your schools. Are you telling the world?

Is your school using social media to best effect?

Are you learning from other school leaders about how to amplify your message and share your stories?

Are your communication platforms enhancing your institutional branding, educating policymakers, and building community enthusiasm for future initiatives?

Maybe it’s time to join Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency’s SCHOOL VISIBILITY INITIATIVE!

Participants will receive

  • coaching on selection of communication platforms and social media channels,
  • exposure to best practices and innovative communication ideas from around the world,
  • advice on how to set up a student media team to help with institutional storytelling,
  • weekly challenges that will push your communication to new heights,
  • and much, much more!

If you’re ready to sign up, complete the online form to receive weekly challenges and helpful resources. Challenges begin immediately and you can see the archive of past challenges.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch as you have questions!

5 Responses to “Join our School Visibility Initiative”

  1. Awesome idea Scott. If we don’t tell our story, someone else will.

  2. Like this a lot. We’ve been working on a similar initiative to de-privatise practice in our school via a hashtag. It has fundamentally shifted our learning community >

  3. Martin Fischberger Reply February 8, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    Great plan. So in addition to all the work we’re doing teaching, now we’re supposed to be professional lobbyists and marketers. I don’t think my teachers would like that very much.

    It would probably be one of those optional assignments… or maybe I could get someone up to FTE and have them devote a period of their day to sending updates about the upcoming football game out into the Twitterverse. Assuming we can even find the time to do this, how are we ever going to measure the impact of our blogging or instagramming or tweeting or whatever? And God forbid the public should ever find out that we’re screwing around on the internet instead of teaching. Isn’t this what we have the teacher unions for?

    • Thanks for the comment, Martin. Many leaders are realizing that if they don’t tell the story of their school, others will do so for them. Numerous principals and superintendents are finding great value in utilizing social media and other digital communication platforms to engage their communities, build goodwill, and make their schools’ learning and teaching processes more open and transparent to their stakeholders. This initiative is intended to help those leaders and school organizations who are interested in modernizing their communication and outreach strategies (and maybe also giving students valuable experience regarding productive use of online media platforms).

  4. Great stuff, Scott! So important to get our message out there. We are creating a Student Media Team this trimester, and looking forward to the message as seen through the eyes of our kids!

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