Why must we ask the 21st century to wait outside our classes?

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John Jones said:

why must we ask the 21st century to wait outside our classes? Is it just to protect the lecture? We know what a classroom designed around lectures, notes, and quizzes can do, and it is not impressive. . . . Perhaps by embracing the new forms and structures of communication enabled by laptops and other portable electronics we might discover new classroom practices that enable new and better learning outcomes.

There is a robust body of research exploring alternatives to the lecture. Never before has technology been so able to support a new understanding of learning but, as Rivers argues, suppressing the use of new technologies avoids and ignores such discussions.

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3 Responses to “Why must we ask the 21st century to wait outside our classes?”

  1. My fear is losing control of the classroom and being called in every direction to provide assistance. However, a nudge is pushing me to integrate technology into the classroom and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    • Personal computers are indeed individually-empowering and can work against centralized control. My suggestion is to enlist students on all fronts for management, technical assistance, peer-to-peer teaching, and all other aspects of the classroom learning experience. They can help with all of it!

  2. At my school, as the ICT rep, I decided to introduce the BYOD concept throughout the school. Students are aware that their devices can be used in class when, and only when, mentioned by the teacher, or necessary to a pedagogical task (thus they don’t use their devices to simply surf on the net and update their Facebook status). After 2 months, I could count on one hand the number of incidents or disrespect of our code and so, all five levels together. Ever they realized what an asset it can be, and how easily they can lose this advantage (once again, code of conduct!) they don’t fool around. Never have I heard a cell phone ring or an ipad’s notification “ding” in class. Never. I believe technology is like an amplifier: if the teacher’s class management skills are weak, it will become weaker and hard to manage. The opposite is also true. 🙂

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