What’s good about standardized tests?

Susan Berfield said:

Most standardized tests aren’t objective, don’t measure a student’s ability to think, and don’t reliably predict how well a kid will do in the workplace. So what’s good about them? They’re relatively cheap to create, easy to administer, and they yield data.

via http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-12-11/book-review-parents-can-band-together-to-end-standardized-testing

From data to wisdom

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  1. Susan is not alone in her observations of standardised tests. Dame Alison Peacock and the Learning Without Limits team are showing just how successful education can be by trusting children and teachers. Tests are not needed in classrooms operating under these principles. But then conversations and observations need time. And this is something that the 21 st Century seems determined to speed up.

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