A letter to Madysen

The letter reads:

Dear Madysen,

Over the last couple of months I have noticed your dedication to your drawings. You sit at your desk and at every spare moment you grab a drawing tool (pen, pencil, pencil crayon, or felt) and paper. You draw what you feel, and I love it! I need to ask you a favor.

Can you please decorate my desk? My desk needs a personality, and I think it needs yours. Draw whatever is in your heart. There is only one rule, you draw what your heart wants to draw, and not what you think I want to see.

If you agree to my request, please fill out this form and return it to me later today.

Thank you Madysen!

A gift of validation. An emphasis on strength rather than weakness. An unnecessary but memorable kindness.

Put that in a VAM formula…

(and, yes, she agreed)

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