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  1. This article is right in what it says however it offers nothing to educators on how to get to government funded, universal 21st C Learning. The fact is that we are already learning in 21st C mode except not in schools.
    Public schools were invented for 19th C industry, they became encumbered by layers of legislation and constitutional rights during the 20th C in areas such as Human Rights, Labour Laws etc. and are now face a future in the 21st C requiring flexibility and quick response in a self serve universally serviced world.
    The only way forward is to destroy the current system which most of our stakeholders seem hell-bent to do. To borrow a phrase from the sixties, resistance is futile, it is a mere waiting game.

    • There are many competing visions for what school should look like after the current system is ‘destroyed.’ Some of us are fighting for models that empower students and respect teachers. Others, not so much… (even if they say they are)

  2. You mean if banging my head against a brick wall doesn’t work, then I shouldn’t try banging it longer and harder?

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