Thinking about charter schools

Stephen Dyer says:

I get and am sympathetic to the argument that kids need opportunities to escape struggling schools. And I have little problem with the few really excellent school choice options that are out there that genuinely do give kids opportunities to achieve their potential.

But when the vast majority of those opportunities aren’t any better (and are usually much worse) than the struggling school, and paying for these mostly worse options means the kids who remain in the struggling public school have far fewer resources with which to achieve, or the school to improve?

Well, I’m sorry. I just don’t get that.


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  1. The only Arizona schools to make this list of top high schools were charter schools.
    Not one Arizona district high school made the list. There are plenty of poor performing charter schools that need to be closed, but what this tells me is that, at least in Arizona, charter schools are providing quality choices for students.

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