Writing on an iPad

Justin Reich says:

Educators come up to me all the time with concerns that students can’t word process on an iPad — I have pretty much zero concern about this. Kids can write papers using Swype on a smartphone with a cracked glass. Just because old people can’t type on digitized keyboards doesn’t mean kids can’t

I’m not concerned that kids can’t learn to write English on an iPad, I’m concerned they can’t learn to write Python.

via http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/edtechresearcher/2013/11/in_defense_of_messiness_david_weinberger_and_the_ipad_summit.html

3 Responses to “Writing on an iPad”

  1. I agree with this statement. Students are very adaptive and will do what they can with what they have. They can change devices and programs more easily than we can. They are willing to explore and play and figure out, where non-digital natives have to be taught the technology before they can use it.

    • It’s an interesting (or dismaying, depending on your perspective) issues, isn’t it? Are our younger generations more inclined to teach themselves because they can, while older generations are still in the mindset that learning must be transmitted to them from someone/somewhere else?

  2. While I agree that students are incredibly adaptive, teachers want the resource. I have developed Scrawlar.com as a cloud based word processor for tablets. I am giving a shameless plug 🙂 but it is a viable solution to word processing on tablets.


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