How many policy elites send their own kids to these schools?

Jack Schneider and Heather Curl say:

Policy elites defend their work and attack their critics as misguided, out of touch, or concerned only with adult interests.  Yet how many would send their own children to schools where narrow standards have driven out play and discovery?  How many so-called reformers would enroll their children in schools where young people are endlessly assessed, where the arts have been slashed, where teachers have been demoralized, and where the shame of low scores is borne like a scarlet letter?

Reformers need to understand that their narrow efforts to close the quantifiable “achievement gap” are creating another kind of educational inequity.  In other words, as they seek to close one gap they are opening up another.

we need not accept a narrower vision of what it means to educate.  We need not accept schools focused myopically on basic skills to the exclusion of all else.


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  1. ACCRS, No Child Left Behind, Common Core…as a future educator, these are are my main focus. I never really stopped to think what is being cut out. I believe that the arts is extremely valuable to young students, as it helps their creativity flourish. I guess it will be up to me to find a way to incorporate it in my lesson plans as much as possible. Interesting perspective.

    -Hilliary Sanders
    Student, EDM 310
    University of South Alabama

  2. *THIS* would make a fascinating study—a listing and interpretation of the schools where the policy makers send their kids.

    What is most upsetting, to me, is when arts and activities funding is cut. School is NOT just about assessment—regardless of how much our politicians want it to be. A full education involves so much more than that.

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