Here’s to school spirit videos

Okoboji (IA) High School is having fun with video…

Do these kinds of videos directly improve student learning outcomes? Nope. Do they foster positive school climate, culture, and spirit? Absolutely!

Learning environments should be fun. Kudos to the Okoboji folks for remembering that. Happy viewing!  #eduboji

Okoboji High School Roar

Livin’ the Dream

Nice work on the teacher appreciation video too!

7 Responses to “Here’s to school spirit videos”

  1. I disagree that creating works like this don’t improve student learning. While they may not contribute to better scores on the spring standardized testes, the process of planning and producing a video to communicate a message (even school spirit), not to mention the collaboration required, results in extremely valuable learning.

    Having worked with kids on countless projects like this, serious and not so, I’ve seen students improve their writing skills and their ability to organize multiple threads into a final product. This is closer to those “21st century skills” we are told students should be learning in school than a large chunk of outdated curriculum we continue to force feed them.

  2. As the instructor of this course, I 100% agree with you, Tim. The planning, script writing, collaboration, communication, creativity, tech skills, and teamwork required to produce an effective video is huge. The publishing of these videos also holds the kids accountable for their work; and the best thing is that they have fun while doing it!

  3. I agree with both of you that there are LOTS of potential student learning outcomes from doing videos like these, particularly if well-conceived and -planned. Those outcomes may not manifest on bubble tests, of course. Sorry that I worded this poorly up above…

  4. Thanks for this post…added a lot to my day. Tim added some good points which I heartily endorse. I love the phrase “organize multiple threads into a final project”. I used to have students create “book reports” with slides rather than copy and the results were often amazing in showing depth of understanding that wasn’t always apparent in the student’s writing. Have to admit I got a bit teary eyed in the Teacher Appreciation – must still have a case of “Mr. Holland’s Opus”-itis.

  5. I also agree that this kind of video would be helpful for students to work as Team which is very important factor to learn in life. Students learns all the above mentioned factors by having fun.

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