We’ve got extra funds! Let’s buy test-taking devices!

Amy Prime says:

I know of another administrator who sent out a happy email to her staff because the school had some extra funds and was able to purchase a classroom set of tablets for the teachers to use for classroom testing. How many of you parents out there, upon discovering your child’s school had extra funds available, would want that money used to buy test-taking devices?

via http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20131020/OPINION01/310200071/Iowa-View-Opt-Out-Movement-growing-schools-test-test-test

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  1. LAUSD is spending $500 million doing the exact same thing with the iPads they’re buying… !

  2. It’s such a tough situation. We have to have devices to meet SBAC requirements, but the idea of buying devices solely for testing repulses me. However, the thought of ensuring all those devices are testing-ready when they’ve been used by students for 7-8 months scares the bejesus out of our (very tiny) IT department.
    Luckily, we decided it was worth the risk, and all our devices will remain in the hands of students for the course of the school year. I feel sorry for the students in districts that didn’t reach the same decision.

  3. Maybe a little naive here, but isn’t there a “happy” median? As a future educator, it really concerns me to see current educators making their cases against testing, and it be so compelling….and I agree with it. I have to hope that there is a way to have a classroom that is fun and engaging to the students while preparing them for required testing.

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