Today’s biggest risk online [VIDEO]

Check out this video regarding “today’s biggest risk online.” [“Scary, like terrifying.“]

Are you as terrified as these people are? Photo geo-tagging and other location-based services have been prevalent for awhile now. [You can find “her favorite fast food shop” and “the specific part of the park where she plays!“] Have you heard about a horrifying uptake in incidences of predation by online strangers as a result? Me neither. [“The location of her kids’ bedroom was available to anyone online!“]

What do you think? Yet another incidence of slimy fearmongering (particularly when the reporter visits the mom’s house at 2:27)? Or a valuable warning that all parents should heed [“Experts say you can still be perfectly safe just by turning off GPS setting on pics you plan to post online.“]?

2 Responses to “Today’s biggest risk online [VIDEO]”

  1. That’s a rhetorical question, right?

    All the major online sharing sites strip the GPS code from their EXIF data already.

    I hate when these things circulate online. It distracts people from the reality that most crime against us is committed by people we know. We shouldn’t fear the Other, we should have a healthy respect for the dangers in Ourselves.

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