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Thought I’d share my favorite publicity solicitation to date…

Hi Dr. Scott,

I hope this message finds you well! I recently came across Dangerously Irrelevant and thought you and your readers may be interested in the recent infographic my colleagues and I at ???.com created (below). Our goal is to help delineate a few of the most popular routes towards becoming a teacher. I wanted to share it with you [because reason xyz — personalize based on blog].

A little more about me — my name is ??? ??? and for the past year I’ve had the pleasure of helping grow our online community of educators. I’m very passionate about providing aspiring teachers with the resources they need to develop their career and maximize their potential.

As someone who comes from a family of teachers, I know that each public education teacher’s path to certification will depend on many different factors, but ultimately each will become certified! It is our hope that by offering this guide to aspiring educators that we can help them reach their goal by outlining the steps that lead to certification.

I’d be happy to write up a short article to go along with our graphic if that would be of interest to you.

??? ???

Gotta love that part in brackets! My response:

Thank you but I’m going to decline this [because reason xyz — personalize based on blog]…

Funny. I never heard back from him…

Image credit: Danger of Death by Failing, AlmazUK

6 Responses to “[personalize based on blog]”

  1. And here I though ??? ?? had a special, one-of-a-kind relationship. I’m heartbroken.

  2. I get those all the time. Recently I got one that actually said, “Dear Wes,” LOL

    They must have us on a list somewhere.

  3. I ignore most of these, but every once in a while – when I get one that is especially bad – I let them know that I usually accept guest posts for 20K a post, but for them – because I really like their work – I will go as low as 15K.

    I never hear back. Shucks.

  4. Dear Vanessa,

    I would love to write a comment on this post about [topic] and see that others have been granted the opportunity to do the same. I’m very passionate about [relevant area] and pride myself in professionality of the highest utmost.

    [sign off in keeping with tone of message],
    ??? ???

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